Pediatric Dentistry

We see patients of all ages!

At Kingsley Dental Group, we welcome parents and children alike. With our stress-free and gentle approach of Waterlase laser dentistry, all of our patients receive the best quality of care.

With the combined use of laser energy and water, the Waterlase laser eliminates the use of a dental drill or scalpel. This gentler approach can help calm anxiety or fear in children when they think about visiting the dentist.

The use of lasers in dental procedures is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The Waterlase laser is both a more gentler approach, and a more precise treatment option for your child. It quickly removes cavities with pinpoint accuracy and requires less or no anesthesia. This means fewer shots, and little to no numbness after the procedure, which means no more accidentally biting your cheek! Patients recover more quickly. And since the procedure is less painful, this means less discomfort for your child. It's definitely a kid preferred and mom approved treatment.

All in all, our top of the line approach is gentle and precise, uses less or no anesthesia, and the recovery process is swift. This promotes less trauma, less stress and less anxiety for you and your child. That's the way it should be when visiting any dentist.